I deployed a camera with the solar power kit, after being sure all the batteries were fully charged, and it's only lasted a little over a month! Put camera out, with solar panel and rechargeable batteries on July 3, and the batteries were DEAD August 7th! Not sure what happened, but apparently the solar charger isn't charging up the batteries. I had to bring the camera back & recharge batteries in a charger. I've just gotten the camera back out today, and hoping for better results.
Is there someone here that has the solar kit going on their camera? How long has it lasted?
Entirely too much to spend to continue having battery problems in a month! Wrote Cuddeback support - the only thing written back was to recharge the batteries in a charger! I have written a reply back to that totally non-supportive message!
Might as well just buy rechargeable AA batteries and not their kit if you have to recharge them!