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Thread: Solar Panel for J cameras

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    Solar Panel for J cameras

    It's listed in the shop at Cuddeback. CuddePower Solar Kit Model 3501. It shows temporarily out of stock, but according to Cuddeback should ship the first part of July.
    I've ordered one to give this a try. Glad they are finally getting these things made available!

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    Who really knows when they will be available. The Home Plus doesn't even show on the shop page but I've had one on backorder from Sportsman's Guide for 2 months.

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    I just got a shipping confirmation from Cuddeback for my Solar panels.

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    Me too on this Glad they're getting them out

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    Mine came today. Pretty sure it's missing the mount. The instructions say can be mounted with a strap or screws and it tilts 45 degrees. My package has the solar panel, strap, batteries, cord and charger. There isn't anything like a genius mount that tilts 45 degrees.

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    Got mine two days ago, and got it installed yesterday afternoon. I did receive a genius mount, however it wasn't in the box with panel, batteries, etc - it was loose in the shipping box in a small plastic bag. I don't think they have room for it in the actual product box! I sure didn't see how it'd fit in there. Also, since I have a charger for rechargeable batteries, I did charge them all up before installation. Will be great if this setup last 2 years, as they've said in things I've read about it. Will really save on battery costs, and I'll get another if it seems to work well.

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    36726604_10156774666554887_8591891946035740672_n.jpgI was thinking the same thing. There's no way anything extra would fit in there. No big deal I use eye lags and 1/4-20 eye bolts to mount all my cameras and they worked with the panel too. Cuddeback is sending me a mount too. I put the batteries in my home camera and charged them in it.

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    Glad to know that you finally able to order that Solar Kit Model 3501...

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    I have 4 of them running my cameras now. I was told by Cuddeback there would be an adaptor coming out late summer/early fall to use these solar panels on the G series cameras also.

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