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Thread: Cuddelink Home Plus

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    I don't know if it's still true, but Cuddeback's policy has always been to first distribute new stock to their authorized dealers and then secondarily fill orders directly from their remaining factory stock if available. According to one of Cudde's reps, there are currently more pending orders with authorized dealers than stock available in this very first shipment going out to dealers this next week. So it's possible that you could wind up cancelling your priority position with Sportsman's Guide in exchange for a later shipment directly from Cuddeback. I won't be cancelling my order until I have a chance to call Cuddeback Monday morning to confirm that they actually have them in hand and ready to ship there at the plant! We shouldn't let impatience get the best of us here in the final hour.
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    From what I was told by Cuddeback last night what is for sale on the Cuddeback Shop is the Cuddelink Home (something I've never heard of until now) and the Cuddelink Home Plus is still in R & D. They also said there are 3 different Home units although they didn't elude to what the 3rd one was. He also didn't explain why the Home and the Home Plus are both Model 1385.
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    Joe7039, are you wanting the cellular capable version? I see the non-cell version does appear to be available at Cuddeback now. I'm not wanting the cell version, so maybe SG will be shipping soon. Sure didn't realize there were going to be multiple versions of the 'home plus'. My first looks at them looked like it was one unit, but you could add cell cap if you were going to use it with cell service. Guess I'll keep my order with SG at this point, but sure will be glad when Cuddeback gets this stuff done!

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    I want the home unit that can be hooked to a computer with USB. What I was told yesterday is what it currently for sale is the Cuddelink Home and it's just a G series camera without the ability to take photos. It's just a cheaper home unit you have to pull the SD card from just like we're all doing now. If you are wanting the computer/usb Home Plus version like me since they're saying it's still in R & D I'm guessing what the Sportsman's Guide will be shipping is the basic SD card unit.
    My problem is if you go on the Cuddelink page the Home Plus is on it and it says "Home Plus is not a camera. It functions as a CuddeLink Home collecting images from remote cameras. It can be attached to a Windows PC to allow remote Internet access to images." but when you click VIEW PRODUCT INFO it takes you to the Home basic version available now and both of them say Model 1385. I would bet there are going to be a lot of unhappy customers that order what is available only to find out it's not computer capable.

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    We were in the process of updating the website to reflect the new products. What Joe pointed out was old information that was not current, if you look at the site now it's all updated with current models and specs. The Home USB option is not available as of yet and the CuddeLink Home that is shipping out Model 1385 will not work if hooked up to a computer.

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    What is the time frame we're looking at for the USB version?

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    Still in R&D so no ETA.

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    I'm wanting the USB version too...hate to hear there's still no ETA on that! My SG order shows Home Plus, and now date has moved to 8/3...but of course may keep moving out since there's really no ETA.

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    I ordered the Home and it should be here in 2 days. I'll use it for now so I can get the camera I'm currently using as a home out in the woods where it should be. When the Home Plus finally gets released I'll just use the Home unit as a repeater.

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    Well, to add to this continuing saga, I got a shipped notice from SG and my Home Plus should be here Saturday!

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