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Thread: Cuddelink Home Plus

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    My Sportsman's Guide order page still says 7/5 but if you look at the product page it says Expected 7/10. I'm sure this will get pushed out another month as they're not even available on the Shop Cuddeback page and it's not like they're giving out any information on the availability of their products. Heck the Cuddeback page still says the Cuddelink Cell is COMING IN JUNE. Well I suppose they have 4 more days.

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    Hopefully they'll start getting stuff out soon! Frustrating when you're waiting on these things.

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    Well my Sportsman's Guide order just changed from expected 7/5 to expected 7/10

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    Mine too

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    Check your status. Mine just changed today to shipping 7/23. Are they ever going to release this thing? At this rate it'll be the middle of deer season here.

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    Unfortunately, yes, mine is changed to 23 too! I sure hope that's the last delay!

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    And once again the ship date changes. Now it's the 27th.

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    Now available to order at the Cuddeback Shop. The Sportsman's Guide says expected availability 8/13. Pretty sure I'll be canceling my guide order and ordering from Cuddeback.

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