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Thread: Cuddelink Home Plus

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    Cuddelink Home Plus

    I'm planning on getting one when they come out next month, and plan to hook to a computer via USB. Would someone be able to tell me about the type of USB cable it will require? I can't find any info on that in the product information I can find on the Cuddeback site. Even if it comes with one, I'd like to know type as I'll need a longer one to reach my PC I'm sure.

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    I noticed the description of the Home Plus says 5 operating modes and it used to list 5 but now it still says 5 modes but only lists 4. It no longer mentions transferring to a computer via USB.
    CuddeLink Home Plus is a low cost means to collect CuddeLink images. Think of it as a CuddeLink home without the camera. It has 5 operating modes:

    1. Collect images on the SD card.
    2. Can send images to a email address programed on the unit. Now you don't even have to pull the SD card to see your CuddeLink images. CuddeCell Cap required.
    3. Home Plus can be a range extending repeater.
    4. Add the CuddeLink CELL-CAP to allow images to be sent from 15 camera via 1 cell service plan.

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    Was hoping factory rep would chime in here - or someone from Cuddeback that knows specs. Hopefully USB will still work as I'd like to do that. You can still find it somewhere, but have to scroll through those images.

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    Also none of the links to the home bases on the Cuddeback website are working now. Says page has been moved or deleted.

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    That is strange - especially since they're getting close to being released.

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    I have one ordered from the sportsman's guide with an expected ship date of 6/11. I haven't heard anything different from them.

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    Well checking this morning the expected ship date is now 7/5. So much for getting this set up next week.

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    I have one ordered from them too, and also got the expected ship date changed...hopefully it will not change again.

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    I bought a 4 pack of the J series black flash cams. Waiting on a home base like the rest of you now. Hopefully they'll be out soon and bug free. Will be putting on the cams this weekend as they get usage I'll try to post in the forum my thoughts on them and some pics.

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    I've got 5 of the J series going now, using one as home. Since we live on property we also hunt on, plan to use the home plus at my house, and then will have all 5 cameras just as remotes. I'm hoping you can hook up the Home Plus to a computer using USB, as it said before. If not, will still be ok near my house, just would like them to go to computer automatically.

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