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Thread: Cuddelink Long Range Ir ?

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    Cuddelink Long Range Ir ?

    Hello all! I'm interested in the Cuddelink system and have a few questions. Ive found a 4 pack of the J-1415 model cameras and Im curious...
    1: Does the battery life of the remote camera show up on image at home unit ?
    2: Do the units come standard with Genius PTL mounts?
    3: Is the tree mount provided with a means to mount without damaging trees?(Public Land)
    4:Anyone have an idea of when the Cuddelink Home Plus will be available?

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    The battery life on all the cameras will be displayed on a Report that is sent to the Home camera. The units come with standard plastic Genius Mounts. You can attach the mounts with either a strap or screws. The Home Plus should be available summer of 2018.

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