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Thread: Christmas Gift for Husband

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    Christmas Gift for Husband

    Can someone offer help. I caught my husband admiring the Cuddelink system and I’d like to purchase him a couple cameras to start replacing existing camera. What do I need to purchase in order to get him started?

    Advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I think you would be better off to call Cuddeback Customer Support at (920) 347-3810 for advice where you can carry on a live, back-and-forth conversation with someone. There are a few considerations to get straight before making any recommendations like... Where does your husband set up his cameras? On your residential property or off on a farm or a hunting lease somewhere? Would he want pictures sent by cell phone or connected directly to a computer for internet retrieval or just fed to one camera where he could collect the SD card with all the pictures from one base camera? What is his preferred flash on cameras... Red Long Range IR, Black Flash or White Xenon flash (not available until 2018)? I'm sure the people at Customer Service will be able to help you sort things out pretty quickly.

    Every guy should be so lucky as you husband!

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