I have always believed that any engineer that designs stuff for public use should be forced to either work on their design or use it extensively BEFORE fostering it on the public. While that generally applied to the automotive and marine industries, every so often rocket science engineering makes its way into other venues.
That being said, two factors come into play, A.) K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) and B.) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
So now, let’s discuss who your “new and improved” Genius Mount. Seriously, who in their right mind thinks the pretty new mount is an improvement over the old one?
On July 31, on our way to Sturgeon Bay, I made a point to be in De Pere early so I could swing by Non-Typical and trade in two 1156’s (they had just gotten tired, activation range was down to under 5 yards) on two cameras w/Cuddelink and also purchase two more of the same. I also bought two of the “new” Genius Mounts. That brought my total to, two E models, one 1156, presently in use on my property, and 4 of the Cuddelink models to be mounted when we got home (South Central Missouri).
Yesterday evening I went out to mount the “Home” camera on a feeder erected yesterday. I usually use the OLD Genius mount screwed to the tree in a manner that allows me to swing the horizontal arm around, positioning the camera beside the tree. This hides the camera quite well, more from those individuals that believe my food plots etc., have been done for their benefit than from the wildlife. Can’t do that with the “new and improved” version, horizontal travel is about 40 degrees in either direction, versus a full 190 degrees for the OLD model. I use a battery powered drill with a bit holder and exterior grade torx screws, the torx bit also fits your torx bolt on both the old and new version of the mount. Getting around the mount to screw the base to the tree is almost impossible, everything on the new mount is in the way, the old mount, just swing the arm to one side and screw the base to the tree, and the new base, 2 1/8 inch long, hole spacing at 1 ½ inch, with 2 ¾ inch standoff, versus the old base, 3 ½ inch long, hole spacing 2 ¾ inches and a 5 inch standoff. Does anyone there really think that that dinky base is going to support a Cuddelink Camera with the extended battery pac attached?
Guys, I love your cameras, I have used several other brands, all of which ended up in the trash. I think the Cuddelink system is pure genius and will most likely add more cameras. But the new genius mount was/is a mistake. Luckily I have enough of the Old genius mounts to handle the four new cameras. The two new genius mounts will get relegated to the two E models, where there is no need for any “pan”.
And, if ya’ll have any of the old mounts lying around, I’ll happily buy several.
BTW: The only thing squirrels like better than walnuts, acorns and hickory nuts is ya’lls straps.