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Thread: E2 - Pink Pictures

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    New member and having a similar issue with my Silver Series Long Range IR. Still in warranty, and generally the pics are 'soft' with a pinkish hue and it seems that if there is any ambient light in the foreground the 'a' pic washes out. I have it set to take a 3 shot burst. I moved it into a more wooded area to keep the sun from washing out the pics, to no avail. I also went thru the manual and checked or reset the filter and it came back ok? I use 2 cards for the camera and both are giving the same results. Thanks for any suggestions!
    What you describe sounds to me like an IR cut filter problem but us speculating about it here will do nothing toward the goal of getting your problem resolved. The best thing to do is to go to their Email Support website,, and fill in the form and submit it to Tech Support. Just copy and paste what you wrote here into the "What is your concern/question" field on the form and be sure to attach a typical three photo burst that illustrates the problem you're having. It's important that the photos you attach be original, straight from the camera pictures without any alterations so that the engineers can use the data within the pics to evaluate the operating status of the camera at the time of capture along with the warranty status. Within a few business days you should get an email back from them with instructions on what to do next.

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    Thanks FredG - sent the info in to Cuddeback. Hopefully they can give me a hand.

    Update - Got a call from Cuddeback. Excellent customer service so far. Sent me an RMA and said approx. 2 week turnaround time to my door. Bad IR filter.

    Thanks for all the help!
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