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Thread: FOV and IR dection zone

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    Question FOV and IR dection zone

    Hi, Pse help ..... what is the field of veiw (angle in degrees ) of the Cuddeback X-change models and also the angle of the detection (IR) zone for both for wide and centered (narrow).
    Much appreciated.

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    I've never measured the angle of view of the lens on the X-Change but in my judgement it appears to have a "normal" focal length. The term "normal", by definition, is a lens with a focal length equal to the diagonal measure of the CMOS sensor which gives a horizontal angle of view of 45 degrees and closely matches the perspective of the human eye. Relative to this estimated 45 degree angle of view of the lens, the PIR detection zone would be about 50 degrees when set on wide and roughly 25-30 degrees when set on narrow in the close range and somewhat narrower than that in the intermediate to long range. When set on wide it is possible, in the short range, to get an occasional trigger just before the critter enters the frame but for the most part this isn't a problem when shooting with an IR flash module because the recovery rate of 1.5 to 2 seconds will usually catch the critter on the next trip. However, when using the white strobe flash and working in the close range the slow recovery rate of the capacitors (18-20 seconds) can cause you to get one picture of a nose and nothing more as an animal moves through. So when working in the close range, especially with white flash, I've found it safer to use the narrow setting to block possible premature triggers.
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