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Thread: Can't copy images from internal memory to SD Card...

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    Can't copy images from internal memory to SD Card...

    I typically always have an SD Card installed in my Long Range IR. I recently had it set with no SD card. Now I can't copy the images from internal memory to an SD Card. I do everything it says in manual and online: go to COMMANDS and click MORE button. The command "IM COPY" does NOT show up in the listing. Ive tried it multiple times, with and without an SD card installed....turned camera off and IM COPY command. And my card is the correct size and type.

    Any help?

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    All set...

    I had sent an email to support and talked with them on the phone.

    Turns out Cuddeback removed the IM COPY command in recent or some Long Range IR's. To transfer images from internal to SD card, you insert the SD Card, Arm camera and have it take one photo. That automatically transfers the images to the card. Seems like a strange procedure and I'd rather do it right on the camera, but there you go.

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    Hi Brad,

    With one firmware update or another (I can't remember which one) the procedure to transfer images from internal memory to your SD card changed from a menu driven command, like in the old manual, to an automatic procedure. Since you don't have the menu command present it is safe to assume that your camera's firmware has been updated to this automatic procedure.

    You simply put your SD card in the camera and when the camera takes the next picture the files from the internal memory will automatically download to the card along with it saving the current picture. If you trip the camera manually to take a picture and force the download of the internal memory, be sure to wait until all the activity on the menu screen finishes so that you don't interrupt the download in progress before shutting off the cam or pulling the SD card (it may take half a minute or so to complete the download). I got caught unaware and befuddled just like you some time back when I updated my firmware.

    Edited to add:

    Oops! While I was writing my reply it looks like you were writing your findings... glad you got it sorted!
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