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Thread: Cuddeback capture

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    Cuddeback capture

    I have several cuddeback IR captures(5) that are no longer taking pictures and/or saving to SD card. numbers when I turn on are 02 05 23 23. I have attempted to download firmware update with no luck. I am looking for ways to trouble shoot. All have stopped at the same time, SD cards? My SD cards are anywhere from 1GB to 4 GB.

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    I think those cameras only work with a 2GB or lower card. Try formatting the cards on your computer first.

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    However if you did put too big of a card in like a 4gb. When you put a 2gb or lower and turn your camera to menu a small green LED might light up on the bottom right hand corner. When it is done blinking you photos have been uploaded to the new card. Doesn't always work but it has for me a few times.
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