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Thread: Cuddeback compatible digital cameras

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    Cuddeback compatible digital cameras

    I have been looking all over the web for a comprehensive list of digital camera's that work with viewing cuddeback formatted pictures and have not found one .. not even on Cuddeback sites.. Sad.

    Needless to say I have found two that I have "heard" work but have not tested myself but plan to.

    Casio Exilim exz29 and Kodak EasyShare c1530

    could any1 verify this and also could you please post compatible camera's in this thread.

    PS. Cuddeback are you doing anything to correct this *Problem*

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    This is why we do not recommend using Digital Cameras to view images in the field as there is no way to 100% guarantee it will work with all digital cameras. We can only recommend the products that we support to view images. Each digital camera creates their own folder when an SD card is put into the camera. Typically they will only look into this folder when trying to find images. For example Canon creates a Canon folder and Nikon will create a Nikon folder. If we design the our cameras to work with one digital camera it may not work with another brand, so because of this we do not recommend using digital cameras to view images in the field.

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