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Thread: Very disappointed in customer service

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    I recently sent In an attack because it would not power up when turned on, tried 2 sets of new batteries and no luck. I just got this camera last June because I had to trade in one for this one (which cost money). So now they tell me its out of warranty because I didn't register it, But would do work on it for $100 plus S&H or I can trade it in for a new one and buy it or send my broke one back to me for free the 1st time I talked to them, the 2nd conversation I was told it would now cost me $25 to return it to me! I have owned Cuddeback cameras since you had to put in film in them and have several. But none of that mattered to them when I called so I will not be buying anymore cuddeback's!!! I will be posting this instance on other sites also.

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    Hi Joel,

    Looking at our records we see that you took part in our Fix-with-New program on 06/16/2014. At that time you purchased the Cuddeback Attack IR camera. This camera comes with a standard 1 year manufacture warranty but we do offer a extended 18 month warranty for free if you register the product online. If you fail to register the camera for the extended warranty you will have the 1 year warranty. You recently returned an Attack IR camera to be evaluated for not powering up. During our evaluation of this camera we have found the camera to have water damage, most likely caused by the damage done to the camera's housing and seals. It appears the camera's housing and seals were damaged by an animal which made holes by chewing on the outer housing which then allowed water to enter the electronic section on the camera.

    Our warranty policy talks about how any physical abuse from a human or animal is not covered under the manufacture warranty on the camera. We are still able to power up your camera and found the camera has a total RD- 275 and LTP- 2668. Since the camera was found to have water damage and physical damage this would make the camera out of warranty. You could have the housing replaced on the camera for a $25 fee however any water damage to the circuit board we advised against doing this repair. For this situation we would recommend our Fix-with-New program which allows you to get a brand new camera with a brand new warranty.

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    Go the consumer review website and share your feedback there. Aware other user about the company . It helps them in taking a better decision.

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