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Thread: Vintage No Flash Still Going, and Going, and Going...

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    Smile Vintage No Flash Still Going, and Going, and Going...

    I’ve been using my (vintage) No Flash since the mid-2000s and haven’t had any problems with it. Due to my limited hunting opportunities here in South Texas, I can’t say that I’ve used the camera every hunting season since purchasing it. However, I can say that the camera functioned flawlessly during every season I have used it--that is from August preseason through the first week of January of the new year. The only minor camera issue I recall related to distortion in some morning and evening photos images. I contacted Customer Service about my concern and Tech-support determined that the issue wasn’t a camera defect. The issue actually related to my less-than-ideal set up for taking morning and evening photos. Orienting the camera face just a tad North totally eliminated the issue. To be perfectly honest, I like my No Flash more now than when I purchased it. I say this because a lot of the current manufacturers’ camera reviews I read suggest that many of the same ‘concerns’ obviously still exist today; complaints and rants about poor reliability and sub-par image quality. This tells me two things: 1) All manufacturer’s products (with all the new technology) still presents flaws and problems for hunters, and 2) Some people still don’t know how to set up scouting cameras. Well, my No Flash has certainly passed the reliability test with flying colors. I can say with complete confidence and satisfaction that the camera has fulfilled its designated purpose—that is to function as a viable hunting tool. I believe that No Flash cameras never met many people’s expectations of serving as a piece of studio grade photography equipment. Many of the negative reviews I read back in the day about Cuddeback No Flash cameras convinced me that some people simply expected too much and/or ignored the fact that nothing made by man is perfect. I have cataloged evidence to prove that my No Flash has performed and met the standard of capturing wildlife activity with a high degree of acceptable image quality--and has done so reliably. Lastly, I bought another manufacturer’s scouting camera in 2010 that supposedly had much better technology. Well, I trashed the camera after less than a full season of use because the electronics malfunctioned. This is why I like my No Flash so much.

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    Can you post some examples of pictures you are getting from your no flash camera here?

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