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Thread: Cuddeback Seen IR Night time picture.

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    Need Help with Cuddeback Seen IR Night time picture.

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to the forum and new to the use of IR cameras. Does anyone have experience with the SEEN taking night time photos or tips with setting up an IR camera on a trail or corn feeder. I have read about the blur factor associated with ir cameras, but is there away to help reduce it. Attached is a photo of me walking past the camera at night. The wooded area in the background is probably 20 yds from camera. Also does anyone have night time photos they can share?



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    Solution to nighttime ghosts and washed out images

    How To Reduce Ghosts and Washed Out Images from Cuddeback Nightime Pictures.

    I teach Photography. When I purchased my Cuddeback E2, I had problems with my nighttime images being washed out. Doing some research online and in the forums I found many people saying they had similar problems with nighttime images that contained “ghosts.” In photographic terms, the Strobe is too “hot.” In layperson’s terms, it outputs too much flash. That may sound strange since you are using InfraRed and not a flash, but the concept is the same, since you cannot change the shutter speed nor ISO of the camera.

    I attempted to load a photographic record of my tests, but CuddeTalk limits the size of attachments, I will upload the photographic evidence on my website ( In the meantime a simple solution is to take a single strip of electrical tape and place it over the LEDs. This will reduce the LED output, but not eliminate it completely. Let me know if it helps.

    To the Cuddeback support team, please consider adding the ability to change the shutter speed, ISO, and strobe/LED output as a Feature Request.


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