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Thread: What's best for security, IR or Black Flash?

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    What's best for security, IR or Black Flash?

    I am having some trespass trouble on our ranch in Wyoming. Wanted to set up on some 2 track roads with a camera. We have really open country with few trees and no lights from towns, so my fear is someone driving in/out at night will see the flash. Is the IR flash visible to someone driving through or would the black flash be the best? Guys can cruise at a pretty good speed down these trails and I'm just trying to get the plate numbers. What would be my best application for this scenario? Thanks for any help

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    Good luck getting Lic plate pictures with a trail camera. You will get nothing but blur. There is no such thing as a black flash camera. They are low glow at best.
    You should consider putting nails in a two by four and laying it across the road they are trespassing on. Bury the two by four so just the tips of the nails are showing. That will solve the problem for good.
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    The flash would definitely be seen. The IR glows red briefly and is less noticeable. The new black IR cameras don't glow but the distance they can shoot at night is reduced as well. Not to mention that nighttime IR photos are basically black and white which decreases the contrast of the numbers on the plates making it even harder to read. I agree with the above that night shots will not likely yield a legible plate number on a fast moving vehicle but I have had good success getting plate numbers during the daytime.
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    I have 2 IR cameras on the front gate of my farm. One catches who opens gate as it is unlatched and the other at a 45 degree angle pointed down the driveway toward the house. Both are set on video and sound, be sure to use high capacity sd card. I have caught several intruders, one while I was there hunting . Play back on computer and stop video and you see tag# plain as day! Be sure you set #2 camera at bumper height. Be sure all your cameras are in good lock boxes,lag bolted and master python locks .
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    I used my attack to monitor a driveway and the key is getting it pointing at the area where the license plate will be when the camera triggers. Recommend pointing up or down the drive
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