View Full Version : Problem viewing video

10-26-2014, 08:08 PM
Hello Everyone!
Im new here but I am in a bit of a pickle. I bought one of the new Attack Blackflash cameras. Long story short; I set the camera on a hot scrape yesterday and went back in to set a stand today. Decided I would check and see what the camera had on it and...whoa. Five different bucks and 6 does hit that scrape in a little over 24 hours.
My problem is that I can see the video in the preview, but when I play it I have nothing but a green screen. Please Help. The fifth buck was only on video and I cannot confirm but I think he might be the largest of them all. Needless to say, this is driving me nuts! Please tell me that this is a format problem with my playback program and not something screwed up that I did. Thanks in Advance.