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T Shooter
06-29-2014, 02:04 PM
Hey good morning folks,

1st off I am new to the forum and new to the cuddeback world.
I enjoy hunting and fishing , well anything outdoors .

anyways I set my new camera up and the pic's that I got were washed out and I read that I might have to do a firmware update which I did but forgot to reset the clock and date so it shows my activation date as of 6/10/13 instead of yesterday . well after letting it set last night soaking as a test I got washed out pictures up till lets say 8:00PM and then nothing till 5:30AM and I know there was movement out in the dark but no pictures. so I brought the camera in and went through the on line help and on the LED test it says FAIL, oh boy now anyone have any ideas that I can try.

Thanks for any help

Trouble SHooter

06-30-2014, 12:00 AM
Yes,what you should do is contact customer service on the phone and have your camera and a new set of batteries in it. They will walk you through a few tests to try to solve the problem,if that fails they will set-up a RMA number so you can send it in for repairs. I hope this answers your questions and good luck with your camera.

T Shooter
07-03-2014, 07:15 PM
thanks Bearman, I thought I had responded to your post a couple of days ago. anyways I had contacted Cuddeback support and they got me an RMA and it should be sitting on there work bench on Monday according to UPS. Thanks again