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11-28-2013, 10:18 AM
Well I'm just about to give up. I bought a x brand cam because it was on sale got bunch of deer butt pics blanks and white outs. So took it back dished out some extra cash got a Cuddeback I been using it for a couple weeks went swap sd card saw that the camera lens was full of condensation the LCD lens in back of also has water in it. Deer season is over in a couple week so not sure what to do next I have registered with cuddeback should I have them fix it or just go get my money back. I've use it 2 weeks I didn't open the top in rain or back, I didn't put a wet sd card in it. I've treated it like I it was a baby and we've had one rain storm. Just a little ticked now I guess, it takes nice pics but kind of scared to get another one like it.

11-28-2013, 10:38 AM
Just took batteries out water in battery area as well......

11-28-2013, 12:56 PM
That really sucks blueheeler!

Since you referenced not opening the top door during a rain am I right to assume you have an Ambush? Here's what I would do...

1. Make sure the six screws that hold the back half and front half of the case are all firmly driven and inspect the gasket between the two halves for defects.
2. Inspect the top door, user interface door and battery door seals for damage or defects.
3. Remove the 5 brass screws holding the front plate on while the camera is laying on its back. This plate sandwiches your plastic fresnel lens up against an o-ring for a water seal. Noting carefully which side of the fresnel lens is facing outward (ribs or smooth side) carefully remove the fresnel and inspect the o-ring. Being careful not to scratch the plastic fresnel lens, set it in a safe place. This will allow air to circulate easier through the electronics compartment and help dry the camera out quicker.
4. Visually inspect as well as you can the foam sticky seal underneath the camera window for possible defects or signs of leakage.

If nothing appears to be obviously wrong with all the seals and o-rings, I would suspect the possibility of vandalism. Get some unsuspecting soul (mother-in-law for instance) to taste the water to see if it's salty or fresh. :D

If none of the above pans out as the cause and the camera functions fine after drying out I guess you could consider using a Cuddesafe to help repel the element or vandalism.


Oops! Forgot something else...

5. Inspect closely the molded-in female brass threads for the battery compartment door and the user interface door screws. Hold a penlight up against the threads and see if light is coming through to the inside of the battery compartment or the electronics compartment (probably visible through the fresnel lens opening). If so, fill the thread sockets with alcohol to verify that they leak into their respective compartments. If they do leak you can seal the bottom of the threads with a dab of silicon on the end of the screw to plug them up.