View Full Version : Help with Attack IR

06-25-2013, 12:35 PM
after 1 year without any problems my camera does not store pictures and Videos anymore. it always shows me "Full" on the screen. Does not matter with a used or new SD card.
The storage of the camera is also empty.
what can I do?

06-27-2013, 07:19 AM
contact cuddeback CS via phone or online, they will get you fixed up, attack has an 18 month warranty.

Video It
07-03-2013, 10:43 PM
Have you checked to see that the camera is reading the card properly? If you use an incompatible card it will automatically put the images on the internal memory, which will eventually fill up and might be why it continues to show full. SanDisc SD cards work the best for me while my old Kingston cards don't do well at all with the Attack.

09-24-2013, 06:21 PM
Agreed!!! 90% of the problems with storage will turn out to be an incompatible or just plain bad SD card. AND they do come bad right out of the box (card or whatever the container is). I have several that CAME "write protected", which means that nothing gets saved to that card.

11-17-2013, 04:42 PM
My IR is only 3 months old,,I've tried Duracell,Cabelas, Sandisk,and Wphoto,it will not copy a picture to any of these cards only to my memory yet yesterday I had it out and pick it up today and in little letters it said armed,with no pics.Sandisks did work at the beginning thou,any suggestions are welcome