View Full Version : Need Info on repair with new program and pricing.

09-11-2011, 03:22 PM
I have a "No Flash IR" camera that has served me well for several years, that is until last winter. We had some really crazy weather, it would warm up, then rain, then freeze,then warm up and rain again then freeze. I think the water got into the seams of the camera then froze and epanded and broke the seals. The end result was water inside the camera which has fried it. Has a red led constant on and no display at all.

I'm guessing that the warranty has expired and doubt that it would cover water damage anyhow. I would like some info on the repair with new program and was wondering what the price would be to reolace this cam with an Attack IR. would it be cheaper than just buying an Attack and throwing the old one away, or is there some credit given for returning the old one?