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  1. Gate Guard
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  3. Wildlife Pictures
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  6. Who ate my food?
  7. Cudde used for furbearers
  8. Arboretum Security
  9. What are your experience with using the cams for security/surveillance?
  10. Use it as a security camera at gold claim.
  11. diabetic info
  12. Monitoring an eroding sculpture--time lapse issue
  13. Making sure my wife doesn't screw up the Christmas cookies!
  14. iPad not playing video from cuddyback
  15. What's best for security, IR or Black Flash?
  16. Including Seconds on Image Timestamp
  17. Birds-eye Pictures
  18. Morning Dew/Time Lapse
  19. Top Hospital Mobile app
  20. Non-deer wildlife
  21. cuddeback E3
  22. Safety first