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  15. customer service
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  18. 30 second video playback on Windows XP.... My XP version may not support the file ext
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  22. Getting Help
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  24. The weird posts.
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  28. At my witts end?
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  30. My Experience With Cuddeback Customer Service
  31. my captures are starting to have issues
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  33. no pics
  34. Need Info on repair with new program and pricing.
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  39. very disapointed with the attack.
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  45. No Return Call Yet with RMA
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  49. after a week and hours of phone tag
  50. Great Service
  51. cudde expert
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  53. cudde flash black images
  54. customer Service
  55. attack ir black images!
  56. WTF? 3 Attack IR's, 2 Attack Flash, 1 Excite, 1 Capture IR=Nothing but problems
  57. problems with a capture
  58. Nf-4300
  59. Cudde Capture Won't Trigger
  60. cuddeback is losing the respect of the industry and consumers..
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  66. Capture Problems
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  68. Time Delay Issue
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  71. what size chip
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  73. copy to USB drive
  74. new attack flash problem anyone had this problem other then me and brother in law
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  91. Ambush
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  107. Happy Customer
  108. capture camera
  109. Cuddeback Attack IR - defect control-dial
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  113. NonTypical Inc
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  115. expert
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  120. Attack IR Dial
  121. Water in my cuddeback
  122. Feature Idea for the Techs
  123. Need help with R1 camera from cfish (which you also sell)
  124. flash
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